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This is somewhat better than Mike Powell's long jump record of 8.95 meters (29 feet and 14 inches).

So if dogs were allowed to compete in the Olympics against humans, based on the existing data available to us, it seems likely that the only field event that humans would definitely win would be the high jump, while the long jump would be a hard fought competition with a slight edge for the dog.

However on the track, in all of the purely running events, ranging from the 100 meter dash all the way up through the marathon, the gold medals would clearly go to the dogs.

In fact, in the marathon, after crossing the finish line the dog would have time for a half hour long nap before it's world record holding human competitor would complete his run.

The best approximation of long jump performance for dogs is dock jumping.

This event involves the dog running a distance of around 40 feet to the end of the dock and then jumping into the water.

The Intelligence of Dogs, Why Does My Dog Act That Way?

Understanding Dogs for Dummies, Sleep Thieves, The Left-hander Syndrome Huskies don't always run because they want to. Jane Stevens, a former Iditarod dog handler, describes a dog beating in her letter published by the Whitehorse Star (Feb. She wrote: "I witnessed the extremely violent beating of an Iditarod racing dog by one of the racing industry's most high-profile top 10 mushers.

However there is one set of events, specifically the track events, and maybe a couple of the field events, where it might be possible to pit dogs against humans.

Most of us are astonished at how fast humans can move on land and through water, how high and how far we can jump, how much weight we can lift, and how far we can throw things.

Yet while we are reveling in the accomplishments of our species, it is important for us to understand that our pride over our physical prowess may be a bit overstated, since many animals that are not human are considerably stronger, swim better, and jump higher than we do.

There is enough data from numerous dog racing and coursing events to allow us to compare the performance of Greyhounds to human world record holders in a number of track events.

For the longest distance race of the Olympic Games, namely the marathon with an official distance of 42.20 kilometres (26 miles and 385 yards), we do not have useable records for Greyhound running speeds.