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It’s not a lot better in the UK, for men as well as women. As for meeting a properly eligible man (ie, single, solvent and stable), apparently once you’ve hit the dreaded three-oh, he’s as elusive as the Tasmanian tiger.I tell them that, among my clients, it is often the ones who aren’t oil paintings who are the nicest, and if only people would take the trouble to get to know them properly they could have a lovely relationship.” Over the years, both Balfour and Sweetingham have learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Don’t go for dinner – meet for a drink or coffee somewhere neutral and leave with each of you wanting to know more about the other.Both are full of sensible advice for those embarking on the nerve-racking search for a new relationship. Balfour offers date coaching for those who feel nervous (£150 for an initial consultation, £100 a session thereafter). Even a woman as gorgeous as Lisa Snowdon, attractive enough to have captured the interest of George Clooney, has admitted to being scared that “maybe there’ll be no husband, no baby, no wedding”. Column inches in the glossies are given over to attractive, successful single people bemoaning the lack of a suitable mate. And it never ceases to amaze me how many apparent “catches” have trouble finding Mr or Mrs Right.

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Now that women can earn good livings they’re more in control, less willing to put up with anything less than perfect and much quicker to call time if they think they aren’t happy.Supper parties down the road don’t happen so often, people are too busy and don’t matchmake the way they used to, and everybody now travels so much.We’ve bred a generation that finds divorce acceptable, so there are also many more older people back on the marriage or relationship market.” She goes on to say that the rise of the successful woman has also changed the psychological landscape.And though popular opinion is that men have it much easier than women, that isn’t how it feels if you’re a man, newly launched on the dating scene after a long-standing relationship is over.As one of them put it to me, “After my long-term relationship broke up I didn’t know how to flirt, I didn’t know how to approach women.“I think it’s a very difficult time for relationships.