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Uncalibrated radiocarbon dates should be clearly noted as such by "uncalibrated years BP", because they are not identical to calendar dates.

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Some people hate the mushy, lovey-dovey kind of relationships, and will likely not fall in love with someone of that genre of love. Personally, I believe that fate is never set in stone. This is scientifically proven on a psychological and neurological scale.

Some people love the love-hate relationships, and would rather be with someone who feels the same way.

Ok so theres this guy who I barely see due to distance and lack pf drivers liscenses (will be changed soon) but we text all of the time and im always smiling when he's texting me and i feel like we've built some sort of relationship through text.

If we react positively to the actions of the other, then it is our choice. But it is always within the control of the person in love.

But that is based solely upon how you were raised, and how you chose to accept the way you were raised. Don't get me wrong: love is a wonderful thing, and I have experienced it before. But it is not a magical thing that is beyond the control of the one who wields it. The poetic, rational part of our world makes us forget that human beings are always in control of their emotions. We aren't Vulcans who have to mate every seven years (It's called the Pon Farr, in case you were curious) do to an uncontrollable desire.

The way you see the world controls how you feel about it. Love isn't some mystical thing; it is, simply put, the reaction to the actions of others. It might be more difficult for some than it is for others, and in some emotions, it might be more difficult to maintain than it is for other emotions. We have emotional drives, but we can still contain it.

We fall in love because we want to be with someone and become one with them.

a status that we accumulate through our actions and the actions of others (our reaction to the action).