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Whoi radiocarbon dating

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Eg the hydrogen nucleus consists of a single proton, so hydrogen has atomic number 1, the carbon nucleus has 6 protons and carbon has atomic number 6.The atomic number defines each element: the carbon isotopes 12C, 13C and 14C all have atomic number 6.Correction for fractionation is a very important step in calculating a radiocarbon age.The processes that alter the stable isotope ratio will also affect the 14C, and it is necessary to distinguish between the change in 14C due to radioactive decay (which is the basis of radiocarbon dating) and that due to chemical fractionation effects.Used to calculate the fractionation correction in radiocarbon dating.δ 14C: The 14C isotopic ratio of a material relative to the modern standard, without any correction for fractionation.

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The increased activity reached its peak around 1963; atmospheric 14C reached twice the normal level in the Northern Hemisphere and increased by about 60% in the Southern Hemisphere. Calibration: The process of converting a conventional radiocarbon age to a "true" or calendar age.

Atmospheric CO2 has a d13C of about -7o/oo whereas the d 13C of wood is about -25o/oo.

The chain of chemical reactions leading to the formation of cellulose has resulted in the cellulose being depleted in 13C relative to the CO2.

AMS: Abbreviation of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, the technique by which a particle accelerator, usually a tandem, is configured as a mass spectrometer to separate the carbon isotopes in a sample, allowing milligram size samples to be dated.

AMU: Abbreviation of Atomic Mass Unit, a convenient way for representing the masses of atoms.