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I guess it was a sign of things to come when my friend and I left the theatre, noting that the film was pretty good, only to be immediately confronted with the shattered windows of my friend's car, windows that gave access to the now missing belongings in the back seat.
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The wild unpredictability of his younger days has left him for good now, the crazier parts of his character disappeared sometime around March 2008, when Steve-O finally gave up alcohol and drugs, an episode that he discussed during his stage show, ‘Guilty as Charged’.Steve-O has been touring constantly since about 2010, and his stage show has a few Jackass style stunts, such as when he gets choked unconscious by UFC fighter and former Green Beret Tim Kennedy, or the part when he inevitably gets tazed.For the next two years Steve-O worked in a variety of jobs, he performed as a clown in a Flea-market circus, worked as an entertainer on cruise ships, and occasionally appeared in talent shows as ‘Steve-O The Alcoholic Gymnast’, which mainly consisted of him getting drunk and performing intoxicated gymnastics, although he noticed that the audience would eagerly chant ‘Steve-O, Steve-O’, and it became his performing name from that point on.

The first Jackass movie was released in 2002, to critical acclaim, and Steve-O and fellow Jackass Chris Pontius embarked on a new spin-off show on MTV, ‘Wildboyz’, that ran for four seasons.

Despite the dangerous nature of the stunts, Steve-O and Chris’s love of their fellow creatures was both spell-binding and revealing, as it showed that Steve-O did care passionately about something other than hedonism and playing the fool.

Now in 2017 Steve-O has stayed close to his Jackass roots, but he is also a star in his own right.

Professional actor and stunt performer who gained fame for his dangerous and sometimes painful stunts on the Jackass reality television series, which led to several films as well.

Born Stephen Gilchrist Glover, he graduated from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College after dropping out of the University of Miami. He starred in the Jackass TV series and films with Johnny Knoxville.