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In his youth, hygiene didn't matter much to him.

Before moving to New York City, Moby was based out of an abandoned industrial building near the train station in Stamford, Connecticut.

I didn't professionally say no to anything until 2002," at which point was a commercial juggernaut. But one event in particular stands out: a rave put on by the DJ Frankie Bones.

He sums up his stance toward work as: "If a sanitation worker from Queens came to me and asked if I'd be interested in DJ'ing in his living room for him and his grandmother, I probably would have said, ' Yes, but only if you don't pay me.'" 4. Moby doesn't pinpoint the location exactly; he says only that it's in Brooklyn at "the end of the grey L train line on the map." At one point in the night, he takes a break from the dancing with two friends and explores the factory in which he's partying. discover a parking lot containing trucks and bulldozers, and temporarily commandeer a backhoe for a joyride – when DJs are driving construction equipment, that's true hedonism.6. Moby first encountered solo success as an artist when "Go" climbed the charts in 1991.

He constructed walls for his room with wood he found in a Dumpster, cooked on a hot plate and peed in bottles. "He lost himself in the flow, getting better and better," Moby recalls.

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"It sounded like a herd of ecstatic elephants." But there was a hold-up: the owners of a vocal snippet he wanted to use on the track were demanding exorbitant rates for their source material.

Ross was promising me that there was a world that wasn't stained with sadness and resignation.

Somewhere there was a world that was sensual and robotic and hypnotic."2.

Moby hit the road in 1993 on one of the earliest rave tours.

But despite the supposedly positive nature of the jaunt – these artists were fighting to expose their form to a wider audience – things became tense between Aphex Twin and Moby.