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You might be wondering why a fitness date is more fun than a typical activity like meeting for coffee.

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation has created webcam stickers that you can order for justfive bucks.The black vinyl emblems are designed with a special adhesive that won't leave a residue on the camera lens when you remove it.Since 1989, the International Wolf Center has been managing captive wolves as the core component of ‘teaching the world about wolves’.The health and safety of our wolves is the most important part of our wolf management plan.The camera focuses on the front of the Exhibit where cover hay is placed during the winter months and flocks of ravens scavenge remaining carcasses.To learn more about each individual wolf, check out their wolf logs.

Your best defense is probably to insert a dummy plug into the microphone jack to prevent sound from being picked up by the internal mic.

If you would like information about sponsoring one of the wolves you see on these cameras, please click here.

The Exhibit Pack enclosure encompasses 1.25 acres and as of August 2016, the pack includes five ambassador wolves: Aidan, Denali, Boltz and our newest members, Axel and Grayson, arctic wolf pups.

If you use your laptop camera often for Skyping and video conferencing, you might prefer the C-slide, which uses a sliding door to cover and uncover your camera's eye.

Sadly, covering your camera still won't prevent spies, intruders and even web sites and phone apps from surreptitiously turning on the internal microphone on your computer or mobile phone, computer, or Vo IP phone and listening in on conversations.