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This formation of a "core of good-looking, affluent districts" close to the historical center isolated by a mountain range from the middle and lower class suburbs is evocative of how Rio de Janeiro's spatial segregation is organizated, although lower class poorly urbanizated neighbourhoods in Vitória's highlands are not as famous, if one can say that favelas like what is found soon after Rio de Janeiro's affluent neighbourhoods close to the center even exists (it is already present in Vitória metropolitan region, but probably not the city proper).

It is located on a small island within a bay where a few rivers meet the sea. The city proper 93 square kilometres (36 square miles) has a population of 358,875 (2015) whilst the Greater Vitória metropolitan area has a population of more than 1,857,616 (2013), the 14th largest in Brazil. Originally there were 50 islands, many of which were added through landfill to the largest island.

From the year 1894 on, with the coffee cycle, many landfills were implemented in the lower parts of the city, changing the shape of the island and urbanising it. In 1927 the bridge that connected the island to the mainland was opened and in 1941 the first harbour pier. In 1970 the Vitória Harbour rose to one of the most important in the country, and the city began its industrialization process.

Several new neighbourhoods were thus inhabited and public steps built to connect them with the higher ground. The modernization of the island led to the disappearance of almost all traces of the Colonial and Imperial Brazilian epochs.

These ports are part of the largest port complex of the country, which are considered the best in quality of Brazil.

The city, which lies on the coast, has proximity to the region of mountains of Espírito Santo.