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Knowing which states kale-chewing singles are most likely to come from — or that Christians most likely to be meat-eaters and Hindus eight times more likely to be vegetarian or vegan than any other religion — is valuable information for online daters, Fischer said.After all, you never want to take a vegetarian to a steakhouse.Are you a long suffering carnivore whose love for a vegetarian is tested every time you go out to dinner? As a vegetarian going on 13 years of service, I often feel guilty for taking dates to exclusively vegetarian restaurants. The food typically evokes thoughts of sawdust and cardboard.Perhaps you’re the poor vegetarian who is forced to choose between pasta and pasta every time you go to your meat eater’s favorite restaurant? There are exceptions, of course, but I’ve found that if I want to eat superior veggie-friendly food AND keep my carnivorous date happy, I need to venture to restaurants where the chefs know their way around a hunk of meat, too. The place is overrun with creative chefs who adore their pork belly while embracing the dynamic flavors of vegetable-based dishes with equal aplomb.Those who consume tofu and other plant-based foods may have a better sex life than their counterparts due to the fact that certain plant products can influence hormone levels, and therefore, lead to heightened sexuality, the Daily Mail reported.Phytoestrogens, the so-called sex hormones found in plants, is said to be culpable for this effect.“Possibly, some people are ruling people out based on preconceived notions,” Fischer said.

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“Vegetarians are healthy — we thought they would have a higher likelihood of being contacted,” Fischer said.Hot on its heels is New York, where the second healthiest set of singles lives.Love-seekers with the worst eating habits reside in North Dakota, according to AYI’s data.That’s one finding from research compiled by dating site AYI, suggesting how you eat affects who you love — or who loves you.The matchmakers found men prefer vegetarian women 11% more than carnivores, while women are 13% more likely to reach out to meat-eating men than vegetarians.AYI men and women who Christians, are more likely to be meat-eaters, while Hindus are eight times more likely to be vegetarian or vegan than any other religion.