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If they fail to type the @ sign and a period (.) in the e-mail address, the widget returns a message stating that the information the user entered is invalid.A version of this file is available on Adobe Live Docs. The following example shows a Validation Text Field widget in various states: The Validation Text Field widget includes a number of states (for example, valid, invalid, required value, and so on).

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The constructor finds this element and searches the identified container for a corresponding input tag.

When the user enters a value that is greater than the maximum value that the text field allows.

(Applies to integer, real, and data type validations.) Whenever a Validation Text Field widget enters one of these states through user interaction, the Spry framework logic applies a specific CSS class to the HTML container for the widget at run time.

The names of the rules in the CSS file correspond to the names of the classes specified in the widget’s HTML code.

The following is the CSS code for the Spry Validation Text file: /*Text Field styling classes*/ .textfield Required Msg, .textfield Invalid Format Msg, .textfield Min Value Msg, .textfield Max Value Msg, .textfield Min Chars Msg, .textfield Max Chars Msg, .textfield Valid Msg .textfield Required State .textfield Required Msg, .textfield Invalid Format State .textfield Invalid Format Msg, .textfield Min Value State .textfield Min Value Msg, .textfield Max Value State .textfield Max Value Msg, .textfield Min Chars State .textfield Min Chars Msg, .textfield Max Chars State .textfield Max Chars Msg .textfield Valid State input, input.textfield Valid State input.textfield Required State, .textfield Required State input, input.textfield Invalid Format State, .textfield Invalid Format State input, input.textfield Min Value State, .textfield Min Value State input, input.textfield Max Value State, .textfield Max Value State input, input.textfield Min Chars State, .textfield Min Chars State input, input.textfield Max Chars State, .textfield Max Chars State input .textfield Focus State input, input.textfield Focus State .textfield Flash Text input, input.textfield Flash Text .textfield Hint State input, input.textfield Hint State The textfield Required Msg rule is located in the Spry Validation Text file, and is set to display:none by default.