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Once a week usually on the weekend I do a full Malwarebytes Scan as well. Merry Christmas fellow members :-) What are people here using for AV/Anti Spyware etc for windows 10 that doesn't have issues with the new system Can some people name a few that's worth using or is windows defender malwarebytes all you need these days My Main PC still has Windows 7, this all in 1 desktop got for my birthday not long ago is a play around machine to test windows 10 on it :) Windows 10 still has a fair bit of work ahead no doubt but its slowly growing on me I share your pain buddy, I'm sticking with windows 7 until support runs dry in 2020. Edit coming up ( funny thing is I was trying to find my post in Windows 10 thread, where I thought we were discussing that posters comment.

Updating your look

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Before reaching for your blow-dryer, apply a mousse, like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT Volume Inject Mousse to damp hair, then style as usual. Either way, this edgy braided hairstyle is sure to turn heads in the process.

Use a round brush to smooth your bangs as you blow-dry them. All you have to do is blow-dry your bangs forwards and the hair at the crown of your head backward.

Or really amped things up by rocking rounded metal frames with tinted blue lenses?

As for that blunt bob — could it be refreshed with long, sexy bangs? Volume is trending right now, but you'll have to decide which half to "blow up": top or bottom?

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So, we’ve got step-by-step instructions for creating a handful of hairstyles that you can easily incorporate into your everyday routine.Go for a fashionable (and impossible-to-ignore) fuchsia, or a bold floral print. You can't go wrong with stacked bracelets, for example. Why would you wear anything that makes you physically or mentally uncomfortable, or that requires constant adjustment? If revealing tie-back tops and off-the-shoulder numbers are not "you," minimize the exposure with a V-neck or cold-shoulder top instead. Get real and just say no to ankle-strap flats and lace-up sandals, yes to metallic mules and slides. In that case change only your nail polish; rose gold is going to be yuge, I'm telling you!Layered necklaces, colorful scarves and decorative shoes are all smart bets, as well. So go on with your stylish self — and have a haute flash on me.If you’re on the fence about getting bangs, allow us to be the ones to convince you to do it.You may have waffled in your decision to get bangs because you don’t think you’ll be able to style them without the help of a pro stylist.more than three hats) of a given item, click Advanced in the lower-right corner.