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Updating with linq

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Execute(Update Translator translator, Entity Connection connection, Dictionary`2 identifier Values, List`1 generated Values) at System.

Not Supported Exception Message=Server-generated keys and server-generated values are not supported by SQL Server Compact.

Unfortunately, the various installments are not easy to follow when starting from Part 1 and going onward, so I've decided to gather and organize the links here for myself and for anyone else interested in his tutorial.

Using LINQ to SQL Also, there was (at one time) a single PDF containing all of these tutorials, but the website where it was hosted appears to be offline.

After upgrading to Visual Studio 2008 RTM, you will have trouble updating Linq to SQL Classes which are read from one data context and then updated into another data context.

Back when Visual Studio 2008 came out, Scott Guthrie wrote an excellent series of blog posts on using LINQ to SQL.

From the exception message it seems that the problem is with the database. Well from my experience that is usually triggered by a db error, in my case it was a trigger associated with the table that was failing and throwing the root exception.

Create Command(Db Modification Command Tree command Tree) Inner Exception: I do not understand you exactly. If it is, than you have to check through what did you change since that.

Update(IEntity State Manager state Manager, IEntity Adapter adapter) at System.

Helpful reader Milan had a copy of said PDF and sent it to me (thank you!

), which you can download here, if interested: Happy Programming!

Generate Insert Sql(Db Insert Command Tree tree, List`1& parameters, Boolean is Local Provider) at System.

Generate Sql(Db Command Tree tree, List`1& parameters, Command Type& command Type, Boolean is Local Provider) at System.