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Updating windows media center

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To do the changeover WMC needs to change from the Zap2It to Rovi for its’ Guide.

WMC should change data sources by running WMC Setup.

This eliminates the need to change your DNS to google or open DNS. After all, they don't want you recording stuff so the MPAA can force you to download what you missed for a fee on Netflix.

2) ipconfig /flushdns removes any caches entries for the items listed in your hosts file.

However over the years it has got slow (esp clicking through the guide) and just generally flaky.

A couple of months ago I switched to Media Portal, and boy what a difference. Yes even Media Portal is better then that crap that Micro Soft has since recently packed in. Its still Billions of light years from Linux VDR in my honest opinion. My primary application of course was, and more or less continues to be for live TV, and I find a simple SAT2IPTV converter an Android / Google TV Box is more then enough to get the job done. First it has like ZERO SUPPORT for any European TV Standardards *cough* DVB-C (Cable TV).

Microsoft dropped Windows Media Center from Windows 10, citing "decreased usage" as the reason it would no longer be available.

Used Media Centre for ages, it was once of MS best products.

Users of Microsoft’s Media Center PCs report that their electronic program guides (EPGs) aren't downloading data, or are offering incorrect data, nobbling their ability to use their boxen as video recorders. I've just triggered a guide update that has an expiry date of 17 Sept.

In the Media Center feedback thread at users report receiving no data, data for the wrong location, images … It falls back to getting the EPG from the OTA data, which makes it a bit hard to spot exactly, but the HD channels have had a blank EPG here for about 2-3 days, so I'm guessing the web-based EPG went off the air about the 1st-2nd September. If you have 7 days then that's the standard over-the-air EPG data from Freeview.

Around July 26, 2015 Windows change data providers from Zap2It to Rovi.

Microsoft and Rovi were ill prepared for this changeover.