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One of the reasons the movie works so well is the ability of actor Chris Pine to make us believe he is blind and convey the positive manner in which people with impairments 'view' those around them.
He wrote (1998) "The 'Concept' phase of the four phase high-level project life cycle should start out with the 'Explorer' type; then proceed with a 'Coordinator' type in the 'Development' (definition or planning) phase; move to an assertive 'Driver' type in the 'Execution' phase; and conclude with the 'Administrator' type in the cleanup 'Finishing' phase." Meantime, the software development industry appeared to be going its own way.

Updating ceiling fans

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Lower the light kit from the housing to access the wiring and hold a noncontact voltage detector against the black wires inside the housing.

Install your new shades onto your ceiling fan, making sure you do not over-tighten the thumb screws, as this could cause the glass to crack.

Replace the light bulbs and turn on your ceiling fan at the light switch.

Use your fingers to remove the locknut and twist the cap counterclockwise to remove it.

Install the cap only to your new ceiling fan light kit and reverse your steps to install the light kit on the ceiling fan.