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There are some issues that have crept in after updating to Ubuntu 13 version and here we have listed some of them.

We have also provided the quick fix guide for those problems.

I'm having problems installing snipe it in a ubuntu server vm. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, so any help would be good. (to see if your internet connection or os repo source is ok or not) — You are receiving this because you authored the thread.

The problem is, everytime I run the, it asks me for the FQDN and the db password, but after those 2 steps, a message appears. Reply to this email directly or view it on Git Hub #2021 (comment) Unfortunately not so much right now, I can look into the script but @merid14 has made a lot of changes since my last PR, not passing the buck by any means.

Can you tell us what the /var/log/file says please? From my experience of installing Snipe for the first time on a fresh desktop/server, the 'updating ubuntu in the background' thing will take a while. @mtuckerinaz as I can see from the log file, it seems that ubuntu is updating in the background.

It took me about close to 2 hours installing on a non-live Ubuntu on a 16gb thumbdrive, USB 2.0. The lack of a notification that it is still working is an issue I have fixed in the latest version that will, hopefully be included in v3 @Andre Araujo4, if you could post the install log /var/log/that would give us a good direction. Can't copy that at the moment because I'm waiting for it to end eventually.

I'm going to get my hands on Snipe again, next week.

Once this is finalised (due next week) we’ll be announcing a call-for-testing programme with small, quick tests you can perform regularly and feedback your findings.

This will help us to ensure the overall quality of the desktop images is kept high throughout the development cycle. We’re also running our automated tests on real hardware with Intel, Nvidia and AMD graphics cards to cover the main bases.

We’re working through all the various links in the chain to get to a situation where we can playback video using hardware acceleration by default.

After 3 hours I was able to install it, but I can't access it, so i don't know what is missing right now @Andre Araujo4 so are you able to get into the box?

if you can, then open a second shell into your box and run this command 'cat /var/log/snipeit-install.log'.