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ISBN: 0-07-222602-1 Reprinted with permission Introduction Windows XP's Support for Wireless Technologies Current Security Problems in Wireless Current Countermeasures to Wireless Insecurity Designing a Secure Wireless Network Tools of the Trade Checklist: Wireless Security Wireless technology releases us from copper wires.
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It is to be hoped that some unintelligent compositor does not spell that the Jag ball. Henderson's jazz ball apparently was not a success, as there are no known further references to it except for a brief mention in the Times the following day.While the lack of further attestations shows that Henderson is unlikely to have played a significant role in the popularization of jazz, his early use proves that the word was in existence by 1912.In the earliest reference, on March 3, 1913, jazz was used in a negative sense, to indicate that disparaging information about ball player George Clifford Mc Carl had turned out to be inaccurate: "Mc Carl has been heralded all along the line as a 'busher,' but now it develops that this dope is very much to the 'jazz'." Three days later, on March 6, Gleeson used jazz extensively in a longer article, in which he explained the term's meaning, which had now turned from negative to positive connotations: Everybody has come back to the old town full of the old "jazz" and they promise to knock the fans off their feet with their playing. Why, it's a little of that "old life," the "gin-i-ker," the "pep," otherwise known as the enthusiasalum.A grain of "jazz" and you feel like going out and eating your way through Twin Peaks."I got a new curve this year," softly murmured Henderson yesterday, "and I'm goin' to pitch one or two of them tomorrow.I call it the Jazz ball because it wobbles and you simply can't do anything with it." As prize fighters who invent new punches are always the first to get their's [sic] Ben will probably be lucky if some guy don't [sic] hit that new Jazzer ball a mile today.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, however, jism was still used in polite contexts.The origin of the word jazz is one of the most sought-after word origins in modern American English.The word's intrinsic interest – the American Dialect Society named it the Word of the Twentieth Century – has resulted in considerable research and its history is well documented.Although they cannot be ruled out absolutely, such derivations lack empirical supporting evidence and must be considered speculative at best, and highly improbable in the case of Cassidy's work.Scoop Gleeson, who first popularized the word, wrote in an article in the Call-Bulletin on September 3, 1938, that he learned the word from sports editor William "Spike" Slattery when the two were at Boyes Springs.The earliest known references to jazz are in the sports pages of various West Coast newspapers covering the Pacific Coast League, a baseball minor league.