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Initially the engine number was followed with the stamping of the actual day, month and year; for example 13-8-10.(The 13th of August, 1910.) As production increased the actual date was replaced by a two letter code indicating simply the month and year.From the time when Triumph started producing machines with their own engines for 1905 the engine would be date stamped with the date of machine assembly.Engines, frames, and later, gearboxes were made in different parts of the Works.So I started collecting Triumph engine numbers and letters from surviving machines.(It used to be Great Western Railway locomotive engine numbers in my younger days).The code then became three letters and January 1913 became TTI (1,13) YTI (12,13) was December 1913.

Having purchased the remains of two Triumphs with such undeciphered letters I decided to find out for myself what they might mean.My 1913 MODEL was assembled in December 1912, for example.Those lists appear to have originated from Triumph's Meriden Works during the Triumph Engineering Company days and thus can maybe excused for inaccuracies, although duplicate numbers in different years and the omission of some models I cannot excuse.This has caused much confusion amongst owners of veteran Triumphs who will never have seen an X on their bikes, but may have seen the Y.) The two-letter code was first used in September 1910, where that month was coded as OD (9,10)and the 1910 code proceeded through to December as YD (12,10).The code was fine as two letters until 1913 was encountered.So often an earlier frame or gearbox number might appear with a later numbered engine; and occasionally a very early number could appear with a much later engine, simply because it had languished down the far end of the stores.