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English is one of the official languages of the Philippines, learning it is mandatory in schools, and the government favors it when it comes to written documentation.

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When they managed to convince someone powerful enough, their stories/explanations got turned into an official Religion. However, since this has never actually been observed in reality, there is no need to ask logistical questions on anything else.1 Igor IF someone believes in "afterlife", it is very feasible they may find your theories believable. There are no vampires to throw any water at anyway, holy water or not. I would have them too if ghosts and demons or other "supernatural" things were observed in reality to be affected by things liek holy water and the bible.Isn't that the true essence of many people's belief in god (faith); that they'll be ready for whatever life after death has in store because they believe god will take care of them? The energy of our body passes back into the ecosystem of the Earth through those organisms which consume our bodies after we die. if you're inconsistent on when and what you question, you'll continue coming up with these conflicts.I'm wondering what to do if I have to take care of myself... We cease to exist on this plane and pass back into another plane. If you're consistent, it will probably all start to make sense.Despite being a skeptic, i still do hypnosis for the sakes of past life regression in friends.It has always intrigued me how so many seem to coincide with each other, however, while they may believe that it is a sign of reincarnation i personally see it as an interesting form of role-play therapy, i do not give it any credence despite the often eerily perfect factual statements given about the period of time.

Be the best person you can be, cherish everyone, everything, every minuet and create some fantastic memories. The thought is good and comforting, obviously, but it doesn't make it true. Choosing from various belief systems is what educated moderns do, and it puts us at a huge disadvantage compared to those from traditional cultures who are typically given a roadmap to the afterlife which they learn from birth.

Someone who does not believe in "afterlife" may think the theories are good (or not so good) fiction. But they haven't outside of literature and fiction. If you're just assuming ghosts and other "supernatural" things exist based on you own personal beliefs, just go the extra step and simply make up any answer that best suits your belief.

Windchymes, I think my pondering has to do with knowing what to be ready for when we get there. If they HAVE, and have been studied and proven to react to holy water, just do the same test again with muslim water and you'll have yrou answer. Maybe only the bible and holy water work or maybe Muslims, hindu's etc., have their own solution. but if you see these easy answers as problems and feel the need to question them, then go the extra step and go back and ask the same questions about ghosts themselves...

It's really odd to me how people still misunderstand what certain words mean..agnostic, atheist, and religious. You need to understand the concept correctly, but you need to use the right word too.

The way to undermine people's understanding of things is to be tricky in how you use words in the first place.