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Here is what you need to know to be ahead of the game. Benching means keeping a minimum amount of contact while you figure out if you are actually interested in the other person or not. Keep them interested by leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. CATFISHING: This term has been around for a while now, and has been popularised by MTV show Catfish. GHOSTING: Dubbed ‘the most cruel move in dating’, ghosting is when the person you have been dating stops answering your calls or replying to messages. IRL: An acronym that goes beyond dating and has been around for decades, it simply means “in real life”. LAYBY: The person you casually see while you look for better options.

A catfisher is the person who pretends to be someone they are not, particularly online. Used to describe the moment you finally go on a date face-to-face. TEXTUAL RELATIONSHIP: When you flirt and confide in the other person via text messages without meeting face-to-face.

If it's a working day, you'd be better off pinging them post 6 pm.

This is the time that most people get done with work and are looking forward to meeting friends or relaxing at home.

Do you really want to ruin your already meagre chances with an opening line that makes your match want to log off and delete her profile entirely? So, in the interest of you finding somebody before half the year is over, we compiled a list of don'ts to watch out for while flirting online.

Don't rush it By this we mean, don't ping her the second the dating app of your choice says you have matched.

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Now, we know he meant it as a compliment but are these questions you ask a rank stranger? Similarly, questions about previous relationships and plans for the future are off the table -unless you've been chatting for a while and have built a comfortable rapport.The opening lines some come up with are such turn-offs that they can't be reproduced anywhere.However, here's what you should know -the competition is really tough out there.Let her know if you are looking for a date or a hook-up.But, please do it with class -a `so, what brings you here? She will throw the question right back at you, which is your chance to be honest.If you are not sure a simple `meeting new people' will suffice. Don't ask for the number too soon The chat line on some dating apps is slow. Asking for a number at the wrong time, makes it too real, too soon. Perhaps, on the day when you are about to meet for a date.