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Speed dating activity for classroom

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When the "speed dating" begins the classrooms erupts in discussion, excitement, and some nervous laughter.

Chávez found that students are rarely hesitant to dive quickly into conversation about the concepts and theories. Chávez has conducted field research in Tijuana and Guanajuato, Mexico and North Carolina on internal and international migration, labor markets, social networks, and the border.

Third, we will weave together and apply the work of social theorists to the modern world in which we live in.

We will accomplish these goals by reading original texts and empirical readings to examine how sociologists draw on theory to explain the modern world.

For an exit ticket, I ask students to write 3-4 sentences about any poem they enjoyed and why.

They don’t have to write about theme or devices – simply describe what they liked about the poem.

This is the very beginning of the poetry unit, so the whole goal is enjoyment.

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It felt really good to be able to help my fellow students understand a concept they weren’t quite getting before.Therefore, he focuses on activities that encourage peer-to-peer instruction and are fun and engaging at the same time.One of his favorite in-class activities is "speed-dating for exam review." Chávez utilizes this activity before the midterm exam to provide students with a quick in-class review of the concepts and theories they will be responsible for knowing.What else do you do to hook students’ interest in poetry? Don’t forget to subscribe to the Newsletter to get monthly updates, book recommendations, and freebies!My physical science students are currently working on determining the correct number of significant figures to use in different situations.The activity provides students with the opportunity to refine their understanding, articulation, and application of concepts.