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I have repeatedly explained to their "customer service" that I never signed up, in fact had never heard of the site and they DON'T CARE.If I know of anyone interested in signing up for a dating site, I will sure tell them this Spark site is a scam.As always you should read your terms of service before signing up to any online service. If I politely declined their request, they tried to push with sweet talk.I started with an open mind - but it was almost instantly closed. I clearly stated in my profile that I was only interested in individuals in my local area and even stated that scammers need not try because they would never get any money out of me - that showed that they didn't even read it or could not read it since most of them are in continental Africa. If you are a woman over 30 all i can say is Watch OUT !!I cannot believe how extremely poor and unresponsive they are!!!!!! I joined the site 2 days ago and started to explore it.after I uploaded another pic of mine my account has been suspended already. I did not violate the terms of the site of my pics were rejected and right after that my account got suspended too...Other key features include a time-stamped selfie, to ensure at least one photo is up to date and realistic, and message deletion after 24 hours, to encourage people to get in contact quickly, and to not dwell on conversations that don’t go anywhere.Marketed as ‘Tinder for double dates’, London start-up Double launched just before Valentine’s Day.

Modelled on Serendipity, this new app is designed to help Londoners seize those opportunities to chat to people, which we normally do our best to avoid. No more searching the paper for your Rush Hour Crush. Antidate An antidote to the pitfalls of online dating, Antidate (see what they did there) launched on Christmas Eve.

i'm a bit lazy to call them and ask them why though.

i have no idea what happened, pictures were just like any other pictures and i don't know if meeting the specs requirement (350x350 pixels, 72dpi or whatever) could be the reason, although that was close too I have to say that I am the first one to bash these online dating sites but to my surprise I have met the love of my life on AKA

I've been on so many dating sites prior to and nothing has ever come out of it.

The weird thing about it is I never even paid, I just simply opened a profile and searched.