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For Andiswa and Luyanda, life is still complex in the Cape townships where they live, with babies for one of them and divorce for the other.

And Kashan has moved on from a wild 'sex-and-drugs' lifestyle over the past few years and is now focused on her creative work while holding down a job.

A pervasive sense of anger lurks under the surface of Johannesburg.

“Necktie Youth” transforms this anger into inspired energy that fuels its high-contrast black-and-white photography.

Blofield masterfully visualizes a city on the precipice of something — but what?

Meanwhile, Arthi is coping after her father's death, living with her mother and sister and pursing law as a career.

Claudia is dealing with her own ambitions for being a doctor and still looking for an ideal partner.

“It’s not even, like, a white/black thing anymore; we’re all black,” says a teenager.

Just after, an overheard conversation reveals a racist white perspective: “Brownies are taking all my jobs.” Innocuous grocery store encounters escalate into violence.