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As for the state’s financial aid efforts, the National Association of State Student Grant & Aid Programs (NASSGAP) reported that New York awarded 7.6 million in need-based grants and .4 million in nonneed grants for the ’13-’14 school year.

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From swapping stories about careers to Valentine’s Day plans, she wished she could bottle that feeling of camaraderie and put it to good use.

In 2013, that vision became a reality in the form of Lulu, a space where women can feel safe when discussing their love lives.

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TL; DR: If you’ve ever wished you could review the guys you date, or the guys you know who would make good dates, like you review restaurants, then Lulu is going to make all of your dreams come true.While this has been a long standing tactic, there have been great strides in understanding the biology behind attraction in a field of science called Pairomics.Read more on the biology of attraction First dates are often a big let down, especially if you met online. And the sparkling wit you’ve been exchanging texts with may turn out to be so shy he hardly opens his mouth.and yet we don’t get recommendations for something as important as relationships and dates,” she said.“We think that’s an incredibly important area for women to be informed and have information [about] so that they can really make smarter decisions for themselves.” Whether it’s rating men they’ve gone out with, recommending high-quality guys to other users or making friend connections, Lulu has made a serious impact.Director of Marketing Deborah Singer said it’s been a long time coming for an app like this in the industry, especially with recommendations being so popular in other aspects of life.