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One Saturday he decided to go visit with a couple of friends for a few hours. During the drive we discussed going swimming later that day. Meanwhile, I moved to Florida from Pennsylvania to start over and honestly, my life is better than ever!

After dropping him off, I went shopping for a bathing suit for him, made a couple other stops, then went home to wait for his call. "–Submitted by amylee "I met a guy right before he deployed to Afghanistan, and we got a little hot and heavy before he left, because I thought, "Why the hell not?

After he left for school, I never heard from him again. I called the school, but it's not like they could tell me anything. Six months later, I finally got in touch with his cousin who informed me that he did move, and was dating a skinny blonde named Liz."—Madonna Kilpatrick, Facebook "One of my exes went to visit a 'friend' in Virginia, who was also a woman.

Every phone number I had for him, including his cell and his MOM'S cellphone, was disconnected the day after I last saw him. I tried calling him while he was there, but he never answered. I was extremely pissed off, since we had been dating for a few months and everything was fine. I never talked to him again after I found out."–Submitted by Sass Master "Once I was hanging out with a group of friends I recently met in college.

I never saw him around campus anymore, and none of his friends knew what happened to him.

Turned out he had packed up one night, dropped out of school, and moved to Switzerland.

He even sent me a video of him 'buying my promise ring' but he wasn't going to give it to me until he met my mother in person and asked her permission for my hand. He deleted and blocked me on Skout, Facebook, Snapchat, Kik, and apparently blocked my phone number.

I talked to him the week before I was set to visit with my friend. He wished me a good day and said he loved me like always. I even sent him letters and they said return to sender.

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All of a sudden, he stopped responding to my texts.He said he wanted to be with me and that he would move to Nashville with me when he was done with school. The next day, he deleted me off Facebook and completely stopped answering my calls/texts. I found out a year ago that he got arrested for burglary with a deadly weapon and he was in jail. "—Bree Manning, Facebook "The dude was a couple years older than me.Well a year later, I decided to go visit Nashville and he drove down from Buffalo (6 hours) to see me at my house for a few hours before I left. When I was a junior in high school, he was in his sophomore year of college."I started seeing this guy who was from Hong Kong but living in New York for college.I told my mom that that was the guy I was going to marry one day – that's how much he had me wrapped up.We talked every night on the phone, falling asleep on the phone with one another.