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As you'll see later, it's like that on the 66s, 99s and 206s as well. The first step is to be able to identify a model 15. Studying the runway and ski jump areas, which of these machines are model 15's?

Secondly, notice how straight the lines are for the runway, the undercurve and the pillar line.

Thirdly, notice how the pillar line is raked back at an angle.

In contrast, let's look at the lines of a different machine.

Some fabrics especially light weight fabrics may require a stabilizer.

Some projects may require the conventional two piece wood hoop.

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These are the models I find to be most common in my area (NYC).Place on top of fabric for free-motion, quilting, embroidery or monogramming.The friction surface on the underside of the guide grip holds the fabric taut and provides handles for moving the fabric.(Please note I'm making these terms up; they are not common usage and will make no sense to others.) Now, let's look at the model 15, forgetting for a moment about the sub-model: First, notice the Runway/Waist/Ski Jump area. What I mean by that is, if you were driving a tiny car down the "runway" of the machine, you could drive up the "ski jump" with no problem.It doesn't go steeper than 45 degrees, and that's unique to the model 15s. It's kind of symmetrical, like the top of an umbrella.Case in point--the other day I clicked on a Craigslist ad saying only "Singer sewing machine" and saw this photo: The photo's small, dark, shot from a weird angle and shows no detail, but I immediately knew it was a model 99.