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Some of the advanced camera features toggle between different options (flash, the grid, RAW, and the funny “face overlay” option), while others give you a slider for fine-tuning settings such as exposure, white balance, focus, ISO and shutter speed.

For example, if you tap on the sun icon, the exposure slider will appear at the bottom (or side) of the screen as shown below.

I then held the camera in front of me and spun around, making the background blurry and giving a feeling of motion.

Below is the resulting image – notice how the lights appear as streaks because of the slow shutter speed combined with the movement of the camera.

Shutter speed controls the exposure time for the image.

Once you enter the camera mode, you’ll see several icons along the bottom (or the side, if you’re holding your phone horizontally) which allow you to customize the camera settings.It’s free to download from the App Store, and has a good selection of manual controls that can add a level of sophistication and creativity to your images.If manual camera controls are what you’re after, the aptly named Manual app (.99) might be the perfect replacement camera app for your i Phone photography.When shooting long exposure photos, ensure you keep the camera really still to avoid any camera shake that will result in blurry photos. When you’re working with these kind of manual controls in VSCO, you’re essentially using your i Phone like you would use a manual DSLR camera.VSCO is a great app to use if you’re just starting out with using third-party camera apps.One setting that can be fun to play with is the slow shutter speed.