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I mean that there are people out there, right now, who are shagging a state machine.

Welcome to the world of computer-assisted self-bondage (LINK IS VERY VERY NSFW! Using Arduinos, Heath Robinson-esque contraptions involving keys held in CD trays, and Bluetooth-enabled electrostim machines, men and women have programmed their own doms or dommes.

While a human will likely remember that you asked, "What color is an apple? Judge: The weather for me is nice and mysterious with this blanket of fog. Humor can also be a good indicator of actual humanity—though with good chat programs, it's hardly foolproof. The entire performance collapsed as the barber noticed that none of the robots had hair. "With the best machines, you get the sense the machine is actually controlling the conversation—directing it while the interrogator is going along with it," Warwick says.

First prize went to Elbot, the brainchild of Fred Roberts and Artificial Solutions, a company that creates customer service bots for businesses like Ikea and Telenor, the Norway-based telecom company. Second prize went to Eugene Goostman, a bot created by the Eastern European team of Vladimir Veselov, Eugene Demchenko, and Sergey Ulasen. So what, based on the most recent test, are the surefire ways to spot a bot? Current events can also be a quick and easy way to sniff out a computer; while any human should presumably have some thoughts on the global economic mess, a bot may not register its existence, as with the following conversation: Judge: I'd like to ask you some questions.

The reverse can also be true: A computer is more likely to ask the same question twice. Here's an example from the chatbot contestant Ultra Hal: Judge: Hello Ultra Hal: Good morning judge. Eugene: By the way, I still don't know your specialty—or, possibly, I've missed it? "A major pickup point was topical issues," Warwick says.

Here's an example of a medium-term memory slip from runner-up Eugene Goostman: Judge: Good morning how are you? Its 8-something [in the morning], so maybe you ate something. Judge: Yes Despite the pun's simplicity, it helped convince the judge—erroneously—that Ultra Hal was human. Judge: I work in IT Eugene: You know, my life is not very interesting—home-school-street-home-school-street…. Here's an example from a conversation with Eugene: Judge: How about the weather today? Eugene: The weather is always as bad as you think it is.

Elbot also cracked jokes throughout the contest rounds on topics that ranged from witty to obscure: Round 4 Judge: Do you understand the point of a turing test? I do believe that the world just a mare reflection of our thoughts…

Elbot: There are some people who would not pass the Turing test themselves. Round 7 Judge: What do u think of [Kevin Warwick]'s enthusiasm for having machines take over the world?