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I get the danger, trust me, I've suffered through it.However, this seems like such extreme appeasement of said oppression that it's hard to what's wrong with products aimed at heterosexuals only?Saying that a heterosexual app "discriminates and stigmatizes a whole subset of society" is basically saying that Grindr discriminates heterosexuals or lesbian women by creating a gay guys-only app or that Fet Life discriminates people that don't fetishize about BDSM.It's the same reason we only have i OS version right now. As you may know, the regrettable state of things is that same-sex relationships are heavily stigmatized here, and what's more important, public "gay propaganda" is straight up illegal and punishable by law.So creating an LGBT app is nigh impossible at the moment.

Meeting someone by pure chance, being embarrassed and having these awkward pauses, feeling a bit of growing interest and a great deal of confusion. And here we are, with two apps — OH BOY for girls and OH GIRL for guys — that are the two halves of a single online service.your *second* excuse is textbook definition of complicity, if not thanks for creating something that inherently - regardless of intent - discriminates and stigmatises a whole subset of society.but everything needs to start somewhere.) This is not the kind of dating app where you skim endlessly in search for "the right one".The app announces in advance the date and time of an online event, which has everyone going online at the same time — just like a party.there's no such thing as 'good enough' when it comes to matters of friendship and [email protected] while it would be admirable for @masha_voronkova co to make a stand against the anti-LGBT environment in Russia, it would also be putting themselves in serious danger.