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The hinges are well suited for 3/8 inch to ½ inch glass and on the market in equally glass-to-glass or wall mounting.

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I can see having some fun with people once in a while. Is it done simply for fun and trickery, or is it indicative of some deeper sociopathological misfunction? ) :) Thanks, A girl I think people who do stuff like that just want the satisfaction of fooling someone... ------------------ ___________________________________________ Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, hate me because i'm an arrogant bastard.

As far as my own gender, well there must be a doctor on this board somewhere, I'd be willing to submit to examination. (IOW, if my friend busted her BF doing this stuff, should she be worried? Before I discovered the SDMB, I used to hang out at an online place called *hangs head in embarrassment* "Bianca's Smut Shack." Even there, I spent almost all of my time in "the bookcase," a "room" that was devoted to more intellectual discussion and featured very little cybering (what little there was usually was the result of people from other rooms looking for a quiet spot to make out).

------------------ -- From an actual catalog: "Disco balls create an enchanting, dazzling effect of light shafts, adding movement and glamour to any occasion" the Abrams' bris was certainly memorable O p a l C a t ten years ago, I actually did this for about 20 minutes on a MUD.

I think mostly I was curious to see if: - We men really were the testosterone-addled, slavering skirt-chasers that I suspected (Would I get more on-line attention with a female nickname?

) - We men all had about the same stereotyped ideas about female behavior (Would the sucker have any inkling that I was not truly female, but pretending, in an exaggerated way, to be female?

) - I could successfuly pull off a mean prank on the guy in the dorm room next to mine (I was young. I'm so sorry.) The answers, unfortunately, were yes, yes, and yes.

So in many ways, many people are different people when they post anyway.

(I think I'll ask about this on MPSIMS.) Nobody really cares who here has penises or wombs (or neither or both) except on the flirting thread, so whether you call yourself male or female online is more reflective of your gender (the roles you play) than your sex (your biology.) If a man wants to act online in ways that society calls feminine, and wants to be treated in those roles, I think it would be more accurate for her to call herself "she".

I've never out-and-out impersonated a woman online, but when I first joined the SDMB, I worked hard at not revealing my sex.;)) and you have no way of knowing what's going through their heads.But anyway, part of being on a message board or in a chat room is that you can be whatever, and whoever, you want to be. Good point about the name thing, I didn't think about that when I made it up! As far as the friend and I can ascertain, this guy was signing on in AOL under his girl name and just waiting for men to IM him.I think it goes over the line if he's breaking someone's heart who doesn't realize the relationship can never come to anything, and it's truly evil if he's jerking some poor schmoe's chain on purpose.Guys have a nasty word for that, when girls do it to them in person, and it's the same thing on-line: don't be a tease just because you think it can't catch up with you. Some people take all this message board stuff completely, totally seriously (I'm not naming any names...Food for thought, Your Quadell The guy I mentioned in the OP was actually using a name like Lucious36B or something, to intentionally try to lure men into talking with him.