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"So, for me, I’m not looking to define myself, and I’m sorry if that is something that is seen as a rejection of or an unwillingness to embrace in a public way, but it’s simply not.

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Attorney James Ward told Forbes that the notoriety of the case makes it highly likely that action will be taken.

But almost all of them are fake profiles that Ashley Madison posted so they can maintain control.”4.

They would need to strip out things like names and street addresses to get past this obstacle. Do you go to every person and ask for permission to use the data? Franklin Graham, the evangelist son of the famed Rev. The Heavenly Father probably had an Ashley Madison account, too.8.

Other researchers argue that now the info is in the public domain, it’s free for the taking.7. Hardly any profession has escaped the cloud of embarrassment hanging over this scandal. Ashley Madison may have actually worked for gay women.

But the regulators have pursued Canadian companies before, so they may well do so in this case.

Or they could let their counterparts across the border deal with it.10. According to Ashley Madison, people are still signing up for the site even after the hack.