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It really could set the stage for the opening weeks of his presidency.

He is scheduled to appear before hundreds of reporters at 11 a.m. It has been six months since Trump gave a formal news conference, during which he made headlines by inviting Russian hackers to release Hillary Clinton’s private emails.

“I asked him why he believed he would be deported, knowing full well that the student was a citizen,” Hunter recounted. Trump, how do you convince this high school senior that you are going to be his president and defend his rights as an American Muslim?

“While she was brought up in an Obama household and hit the doors for our current president as a toddler, she did so with the sense that the Commander-in-Chief is someone to be respected, admired, and honored -- much like the American flag she loves so much. In all seriousness, if I could ask Trump one question, it would be: On and now off the campaign trail, you have, not infrequently, resorted to name-calling … How do you suggest we explain that behavior to our youngest Americans, and how do you intend to be a better role model for them, and for all of us?

Manufacturers confirmed the prices in cases where they were not listed publicly. She's the third most powerful person in Russia — you want me to go and ask her, 'Valentina Ivanovna, where did you get that expensive ring?

None of the spokespeople Buzz Feed News contacted for comment replied. '" Max Seddon is a correspondent for Buzz Feed World based in Berlin.

Voters in every gender, age and racial group want him to close the account.

"140 characters may not be enough to tell Donald Trump just how much Americans want him to knock off the tweeting," said Tim Malloy, the assistant director of the Q-poll.