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Romi and dusty still dating

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And it’s Gay Pride, and I want to be a part of that.

It’s been my whole life, and I fight for equality, and it’s for LGBT, and this is who I am.

She's the perfect example of a typical bisexual. This bitch needs to stick with men like every other bisexual does. Why do lesbians willingly date bisexual morons like her? I feel sorry for her because she clearly has no self worth. So she broke up with Kelsey TWICE and Kelsey just goes running back to her?

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“I spent a lot of time being filmed and honestly I don’t think my life was dramatic or drunk enough for reality TV.

They’ve been on the road with Sick of Sarah for the past several months on their new Lady Killer Tour.

Follow Kiyomi: @Kiyomance, Vero continued to tour with Hunter Valentine but left the band in February 2013 to work on her solo act.“I’ve relocated twice in the past year from NYC to Minneapolis and now Nashville where I’ve been focusing on songwriting and teaming up with other writers and musicians,” Vero said.

Recently, GO Magazine published an interview with Romi Klinger of The Real L Word regarding the current state of her relationships, her career, and the controversy surrounding her sexuality.

What does one complicated public figure representing bisexuality mean for the rest of us?