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I met Ayaka Okuno and played with her, she was playing the junior [tournaments]. I wanted to teach her all the stuff I had learned about success and winning.
It began with a young woman screaming in her sleep.

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They believe black women are angry or bitter so they look for ways to slander the brotherhood. Both men and women love to play the victim card and that young shit is what keeps the sexes divided. I feel where she’s coming from but let’s not forget that the grass is always greener on the other side. I suggest googling the legendary Tucker Max before you get on that Uncle Ruckus express and start praising how good white men treat women.I know a few white slackers who come from upper middle class homes but still would rather hit the bong and skateboard than work.B.) You belong to a higher class but like to step out of your element and go to ratchet places because they feel more exciting. If you fish in the sewer, you can’t complain about not catching salmon.Basic men do not travel more than ten miles from where they rest.As far as cheating, lying, chasing new pussy, those things aren’t racially unique.All men have dicks, therefore all men are capable of doing foul shit.

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If you’re young, you can grow with a nigga, so finances aren’t important.

I never take offense because I’m a young black successful man who treats his woman like the goddess she is.

However, just like I feel a need to stand up for black women, I feel a need to stand up for my brothers out here who don’t get a fare shake because of this stigma.

He’s Caucasian, not an alien, all men talk about the same dumb shit and want the same wet thing.

Out of all the races, I truly believe that black women are the most loyal to their own, and that’s why I find the complaints so ironic.