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Because of its widespread distribution and large population, the red fox is one of the most important furbearing animals harvested for the fur trade. caucasica, its fur is pale yellow or light grey, sometimes brownish-reddish and is fluffier and denser than that of other Caucasian subspecies. The hairs on the sole of the feet are copiously mixed with softer, woolly hairs. vulpes, it has smaller teeth and more widely spaced premolars.Although the Arctic fox has a small native population in northern Scandinavia, while the corsac fox's range extends into European Russia, the red fox is the only fox native to Western Europe, and so is simply called "the fox" in colloquial British English. A small subspecies, it measures 76.7–105.3 cm in body length, 30.2–40.1 cm in tail length, and weighs 1.8–3.8 kg. The fur is dull buff, without any yellowish or reddish tints.The word "fox" comes from Old English, which derived from Proto-Germanic *fuhsaz. vulpes by its slightly smaller size, distinctly smaller teeth, and widely spaced premolars. It is ruddy to grey-brown above and darker on the back of the neck. The hindquarters are frosted with white and the tail is clear grey in colour.Compare with West Frisian foks, Dutch vos, and German Fuchs. Red foxes present in Britain (and therefore Australia) are usually ascribed to this subspecies, though many populations there display a great degree of tooth compaction not present in continental European populations. Their skulls are fairly narrow and elongated, with small braincases. Sexual dimorphism of the skull is more pronounced than in corsac foxes, with female red foxes tending to have smaller skulls than males, with wider nasal regions and hard palates, as well as having larger canines.

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Despite its name, the species often produces individuals with other colourings, including albinos and melanists.

The remaining lower surface of the body is dark, brown or reddish.

The upper parts of the limbs are rusty reddish, while the paws are black.

The top of the tail is brownish-reddish, but lighter in colour than the back and flanks.

The underside of the tail is pale grey with a straw-coloured tint.