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Pwa physical not updating

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For some, the loss of the URL—AMP pages are generally server via Google’s CDN cache, so URLs always start with something like —is too steep a price to pay for the benefits.Indeed, others have questioned those supposed speed benefits gained by serving via the Google CDN.You’ll leave with an understanding of the best benefits of the web and the native app space and ready to increase your conversions through reengagement and an app user experience.Day 1: Introducing progressive web apps (90 minutes) is a mobile and web developer, trainer, speaker, and writer.This was another area which saw much growth in 2016.Earlier in the year in May at Google’s IO conference, we learned about the Washington Post’s use of the tag, which married the speed of AMP with the richness of PWAs.

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From this viewpoint, 2016 was more of a year of iterative progression, than of pure innovation.

On a more practical note, in November we described a method for exposing AMP pages to all mobile visitors using some server-side device detection.

With this approach, all mobile visitors to your site get to benefit from AMP speed, not just those referred by Google.

A general feeling of uneasiness with Google’s approach begs the question of whether we’re sleeping walking into a walled garden.

Increasingly, there are signs of a growing backlash, with users trying out, and then disabling the technology.