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He seems to be happy to have someone to talk to – one last link to the outside world. The player chooses between messages that Jacob can send to this mysterious person.

They all seem to be calls for help, and, as an uninitiated player, being able to ask such questions would have shed some light on some of the games greater mysteries.

Static’s example is particularly effective, though, due to the dissonance between the banal wording of the objectives and the unconventionality of their execution.

The player feels trapped by Jacob’s compulsions, just as Jacob is trapped in his own apartment, having boarded up his doors and windows.

Jacob, and the player, by extension, are not only trapped within the game’s limited physical space, but also within a claustrophobically constrictive experiential space.

Sigh, i miss when all we had were send this to 50 of your friends and get a free 20$ psn code(that doesn't work) chainmail to worry about.Whatever is selected, though, Jacob is unable to bring himself to share his experience.He “ummm”s and small-talks his way through the encounter, directly ignoring the commands that the player has given him, mirroring his own experience of being unable to share or put into words his own experience, isolating him even further.Is this someone from a sex chat web service that Jacob has visited in the past?Jacob does not seem disturbed by the graphic sexual nature of the chat, ignoring that thread of the conversation completely.This forces the player to explore, if they haven’t already, Jacob’s strange apartment.