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It does not necessarily imply any particular kind of commitment, or even an ongoing connection.

Some poly relationships involve people who only see each other occasionally, and may not communicate much in between times, but have a strong emotional connection that they treasure.

And a recent Avvo study on relationships found that modern marriages are more romantic than practical. These millennials aren’t too concerned about being judged for a polyamorous lifestyle either.

“I’m out as polyamorous although, in my day-to-day life, I tend to take an approach of being honest when asked directly about it but not advertising or disclosing electively,” says Turner.

The new generation of polyamory “After my divorce, I wanted to start from scratch and relearn how to be in a relationship. I think that appeals to millennials — especially urban ones who moved from somewhere far away — because it becomes like family.” Hacienda Villa, a sex-positive intentional community in Bushwick, Brooklyn, is one example of a place that promotes that familial feeling.

The last thing I wanted was to date and start the whole dysfunctional cycle again,” says Lucy Gillespie, creator, writer, and producer of Unicornland, a fictional web series about a woman who unconsciously practices “unicorning” by dating polyamorous couples to explore her own sexuality. Heather Claus — aka Nookie Notes, owner of online dating site Dating — [says] “In non-monogamy, I am exactly me. Fourteen full-time members reside together in one space, some monogamous, some “monogamish,” some ethically non-monogamous, and some polyamorous.

This does not normally mean that each person involved specifically consents to the involvement of each other person.

It means that each person freely and knowingly consents to participating in this kind of relationship style.

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Polyamory is increasingly considered an opportunity by millennials and, amid the hookup-heavy Tinder scene, some of them embrace the option wholeheartedly. The New York polyamorous/ open relationship/ sex-positive communities are small, tight-knit worlds.

Sexual relationships where there is a deep emotional connection are also included.

In this context, deep can mean emotionally intense, or it could also mean the kind of depth that comes from knowing someone for a very long time, and having learned to trust them implicitly; there may not be intense feelings about this person all the time, but you know they have your back, and you can count on them to be there for you.

If you’re worried about how a non-monogamous lifestyle could impact your job (and it might) be aware that in most states employees are at-will, meaning an employee may be fired for any reason or no reason. ● The same author wrote a brief piece on the same topic for Avvo Stories last February 16: Millennials may just have a thing for polyamory.

“Being polyamorous is not a protected class, so an employer could fire someone for being polyamorous,” says Robert S. ● And almost a year ago, The legal ramifications of polyamory (May 16, 2016).