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Though technology neutral, Canada’s laws were adopted in a much different era when routine, predictable, transparent one-on-one interactions between organizations and individuals were the norm.

This is no longer the case in an age where computer algorithms and massive databases drive the economy and open the door to attractive new opportunities for federal institutions and private sector organizations.

Still, there was also broad agreement that consent should continue to play a prominent role in privacy protection.

After much deliberation, we have presented a number of actions and recommendations intended to make consent more meaningful but also, because consent is not always sufficient as a privacy protection tool, to strengthen the roles of organizations and regulators.

But obtaining meaningful consent has become increasingly challenging in the digital age where data has become ubiquitous, commodified and may be processed by multiple players totally unbeknownst to the individual to whom the data belongs.

We have put forward recommendations on reform, Canada’s national security framework and, with this report, the role of consent under the federal private sector privacy law.

Where data-driven practices are likely to make consent impracticable, we have proposed alternatives.

For instance, to make consent more meaningful, we will update our guidance on online consent to specify four key elements that must be highlighted in privacy notices and explained in a user-friendly way.

This includes among other things, independent regulators, such as my Office, with appropriate powers and resources giving them a real capacity to guide industry, hold it accountable, inform citizens and meaningfully sanction inappropriate conduct.

With that preface, it is my pleasure to present my Office’s 2016-2017 Annual Report to Parliament.