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Yes, it was a joke, but there was an underlying sense of despair. "I made it in response to you." Men will do anything for you. It's with the scientist guy who wears a lot of Patagonia jackets in his photos. I spend an hour tracking down his real name on the Internet.
But Hough told FOX411 there were no problems and he was merely reassuring Henner about their preparation.

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Now that Jesus is not around to keep the peace, a power struggle apparently ensues between them. Mary and James and their more inclusive church are sidelined, and a male-dominated, hierarchical church emerges, with Peter at its head.Following several missionary journeys, Peter apparently goes to Rome and overthrows Simon Magus (Simon the Sorcerer or Simon of Gitta).It seems that Peter is the one who opposes the Pharisees in their demands for circumcision and Mosaic law in relation to the Gentiles (according to Acts), although he has been guilty himself of treating Gentiles as inferiors to Jewish Christians in the past (the Incident at Antioch).In Asia Minor, the Galatians may be on their way to becoming eastern Romans, but they have not entirely forgotten their Gaulish roots.(Additional information by Dana Grohol, and from the BBC documentaries, The Lost Gospels and The Dead Sea Scrolls, both first screened in 2006, and from External Link: Catholic Online.) Jesus, the son of Mary and her husband, Joseph the carpenter (whatever his role in the actual conception of the child), is viewed by some of his peers in Judea as the messiah foretold in the Old Testament.

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The name of the newborn child is probably more correctly pronounced as Joshua or Yeshua in the original Hebrew, before being passed through Greek, Latin and English.

However, the recently rediscovered gospels of Philip and of Mary Magdalene (found in Egypt) reveal that Mary herself was much more likely to have been Jesus' choice for the leader of his fledgling movement, rather than Peter.

A theory has emerged which suggests that there was a power struggle for leadership between Mary, supported by Jesus' brothers, and Peter, who could not accept that Jesus could appear to a mere woman instead of his trusted disciples.

Generally accepted by historians to be a healer, Jesus of Nazareth starts to preach the restoration of God's kingdom (probably meaning a restoration of the church organisation within Judea).

He is soon viewed with suspicion by the Jewish authorities, and also by the occupying Romans, and is arrested, tried and executed by crucifixion about AD 33.