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After visiting South's office she posed for men's magazines and began her video career shortly thereafter.

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In some countries, PDAs (or "Public Displays of Affection") are quite normal.

For example, in Argentina, it's quite acceptable for two people to practically suck each other's faces off in public places.

This isn't the case in the United States, where PDAs are largely frowned upon as being awkward or unnecessary (this country was founded by Puritans after all).

For those couples still in the honeymoon phase, they’re probably so infatuated with each other that it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks, Bennett says — and good for them.Macaulay Culkin Steps Out to Dinner With Brenda Song in Rare Appearance: Pics!Journalist Natasha Burton has written for Cosmopolitan for Latinas, Maxim,, and Womans, among others.This gesture is not only thoughtful, it shows the physical closeness and ease a couple has with one another. “Since the thighs are in close proximity to sexual hot spots, a couple touching in that area shows they desire sexual contact,” Fisher says.A twosome whose go-to is this PDA move is likely very much into the intimate side of their relationship, but they don’t feel the need to be overt about it.Like hand-holding, this gesture suggests that a couple is very comfortable with each other and enjoys each other’s closeness and touch, says U. “These couples are also playful and flirty and have no shame showing the rest of the world that they are together.” She also notes, however, that some may argue that linking arms with your partner could mean keeping some sort of leash on them, suggesting a level of possessiveness.