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Your child needs his or her own parents first and no matter what makes mom or dad a horrible spouse, doesn’’t mean that they are horrible parents.

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With just the swipe of a few buttons, the location-based software finds other Jews who are using the program nearby.

With the options of liking or passing on matches based on a small profile picture that appears, the user helps narrow the dating pool in his or her current geographical location.

“As a rabbi and committed Jew, I feel very strongly that Jewish sites should be exclusively for Jews,” he says.

“I think it’s shameful for the biggest Jewish dating site [JDate] to allow non-Jews as members and thereby enable the possibility of intermarriage.” Keeping it in the Tribe?

The service screens a potential user’s Facebook profile to obtain basic information and ensure he or she has a minimum number of friends—enough to confirm the profile wasn’t created just to join JZoog.

His team then manually checks the compiled profile to make sure everything is complete before accepting a pending membership.

“With JDate, all you need to join is an email address,” he says.

The massive online matchmaker—which boasts 750,000 users and attracted major media buzz in April with its rebranding campaign, “Get Chosen”—is known as the go-to for Jewish online dating.This no-strings-attached mindset is made much easier when location-based apps appear, allowing users to instantaneously find matches in their area merely based off of physical appearance, and in this case, religious denomination.“These apps are extremely superficial by nature,” says Lauren Cooper, a front-end developer from New York City and JDate user.With recent ads reading, “More Jews than a Chinese restaurant on Christmas” and “Shiksappeal is overrated,” some feel the campaign is too exclusive—and even a bit derogatory.Referencing the Chinese restaurant ad, one Twitter user writes,“@JDate tries to be hip, but might come off [too] brash…” Similarly, in response to another JDate ad reading, “6,000 years of persecution just so you can go on,” a Twitter user says, “Inappropriate folks.He says he got involved in the online dating world after hearing several complaints from singles about inadequate dating services.