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Outlook 2016 meeting tracking is not updating with responses

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Outlook makes it easy to schedule a meeting that has multiple regular occurrences.We recommend that you always set an end date and limit the recurring series to a specific number of occurrences.The best option is to set a new end date and then send the update to all attendees.This ends the meeting series early, while keeping a record of previous meetings.In the period of a year, a twice weekly meeting will have about 90 more occurrences than a monthly meeting during that same period.

Meetings with a very large number of exceptions result in a meeting series that is difficult to manage.Note: If you want to let someone know about a meeting, but not invite them, simply drag the meeting request from your calendar to the Mail icon on the lower left side of Outlook.This opens an email with information about the meeting that you can send out.Most likely, recurring meetings will require modifications at some point.For example, attendees will be added to or removed from a single occurrence, or the meeting location or time will change due to vacation dates or unforeseen circumstances.We generally recommend that an attendee not forward a meeting if they are not in the same Exchange organization as the organizer, unless all of the following conditions are true: If for any reason the organizer does not receive the meeting forward notification, the meeting attendees are not added to the organizer’s meeting.