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17-year-old Alison Gould of San Antonio showed up outside First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs Wednesday to talk about her best friend, 16-year-old Haley Krueger, killed in Sunday's church shooting. 8) Speaking through tears, Stephen Willeford, the man some are calling a hero for engaging in a shootout with the Texas church gunman on Sunday, says he was afraid for his life but that he believes God gave him the skills needed to face the shooter. 6) A United Airlines flight heading to Washington, D. from Beijing was turned around during the flight after an altercation occurred between a passenger and a member of the flight crew, PEOPLE can confirm.
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The most important one being the marriage relationship and how to prepare for it.

As we’ve been going through this series, lot of people had lots of questions.

So forget about this Right Girl, Wrong timing means I’m just going to be patient and wait on God.

Being patient, waiting on God, what we’re really saying is, “ I want what I want and I’m not going to let go regardless of what God says.” So that’s no good. Question: Does God change his mind about relationships?

It’s so good to have you all join us for another episode of Relationship Expert Doctor AA, I am the relationship expert for today.

Is it possible that God says Yes for a relationship now but just to break you up later on? She clearly could have misread the signs and none of us know, but let’s assume that she didn’t misread the signs. God said yes, but now it’s clear that it wasn’t meant to be. Lady in audience speaks: I would say that sometimes God gives us situations to learn from.

He’s happily married, she’s happy that she’s not married to him, and everyone is very very happy and everything is fine but at the time every single person would have said yes. For one, I think that the woman and the man are so much better off having had that experience.

The second thing is that sometimes we look for signs that we think are coming from God, not because your mum really likes him does that mean that this is the one that God picked for you.

I received lots of them over email, people slip me little notes under the table and stuff like that so what we’re going to do today is hopefully answer all the questions that you had and it’s going to be an interactive time where you can ask questions straight from your seat right there, we’ll do it Oprah style okay?

So, I’ll run to you and you can ask the question and hopefully you leave today with all your questions answered.