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Online dating too busy

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Online today

Most of the people advocating online dating do so for a good reason – they met the love of their OWN life online. They pay their bills, order their food and clothes, and even get an education online – but they still don’t want to look for romance there. And if you don’t try online dating, you’ll never know, will you?

So of course they can only see it as the answer to everybody’s romantic problems. As far as you’re concerned, there are reasons as long as your arm why you don’t try online dating. It’s a way of expanding your social circle without having to brave the bar and club scene.

Remember, you can’t always trust someone you meet offline either, until you really start getting to know them.

However you meet people, there is always the possibility that they will turn out to be duplicitous, irresponsible or flaky.

But the answer to that is to avoid prolonging online exchanges in favor of a face to face meeting.

If your life is really full, then online dating is a very efficient use of your precious time, a use which could produce a very positive result.

Commuting time, your lunch break and a few quiet minutes in the evening are all opportunities for browsing online profiles, and you can exchange messages from your smartphone at any time.

Remember that you can have as much or as little to do with them as you want, so you can take things at a pace you feel comfortable with.

There are plenty of social sites and forums which are aimed at friendship and shared interests rather than dating.