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A lot of females think immensely about what they should do, how they should dress, what they should speak so that their boyfriends would like them more.They give a lot of importance to what their man would think and when things end up badly, they may put the blame on themselves alone.For women, it may often seem like an impossible task to make dating as well as staying in a long lasting relationship effortless and natural.There often comes a time when men lose interest and are no longer as attracted to you as they first were.There comes a time when you think you have met your true match but things suddenly go wrong.This may of course make you wonder why the man who chased you and was so attracted to you has suddenly become so strange and non-interested.Such situations are really tough for most women to deal with and may break their heart.

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Well have you ever really wondered why this happens?This led me to interview several females of different age groups to understand different scenarios of relationships. You must first understand that when men are attracted to you, they will go to any lengths to prove that they love you.This game of ours have no real instructions but will teach you how to beat your man, and that too in his game.For example, you may meet a guy who you are attracted to, the conversations are great and so is the sex.You may even come to believe that you have finally met your soul mate.Okay, so the first rule to move ahead in this game is to make sure that the chemistry between you and your man is always burning. We are not just talking about sexual stimulation but also mental stimulation.