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You are leaving employment not because of a situation which reflects badly on your relationship with the client, but you are moving far away, so that it is highly unlikely that you would be taking away their business through a private care contract with the client.

Furthermore, it would likely be a comfort for the client to have the opportunity to have you visit.

It is a common rule for the heirs to take “by representation,” which would result in your niece inheriting her mother’s share, but this is a matter of state law, and you need the advice of an attorney who is expert in the laws of the relevant state.

I always recommend hiring a certified elder law attorney (CELA) as CELA certification is only given with proof of at least five years of practice in the area of elder law, and after the attorney has passed a rigorous day-long exam.

I have been a caregiver for a now 92 year old gentlemen for 9 years.

I just terminated my employment with the agency because I am moving. Is there any way I can visit even though I signed a paper stating that once my employment with that agency was over I was not to have contact with the client?

However, if this is a one time only gift, then the penalty period would be less than one month and would only be once either parent is residing in a nursing home. She is a resident of Florida and is currently in a dementia facility there.

A loan evidenced by a promissory note is the better way to approach this situation, provided that it is an arm’s length transaction and a reasonable rate of interest is charged. I live in California and all of her mail comes to my California address. She is a Florida resident and the state of CA will have no reason to tax her estate.

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Shana Siegel, Esq., CELA, is certified as an elder law attorney by the ABA-approved National Elder Law Foundation.

Krooks, a partner of Elder Law Associates PA with offices throughout Southeast Florida, was admitted to practice law in New York (1990) and Florida (2004). Krooks is Of Counsel to Amoruso & Amoruso, LLP, with offices in Rye Brook, New York.

He splits his time between New York and Florida, where his professional practice is devoted to elder law and trusts and estates matters, including representing seniors and persons with special needs and their families in connection with asset preservation planning, supplemental needs trusts, Medicaid, Medicare, planning for disability, guardianship, wills, trusts and health care planning with advance directives. Morris is a partner in the law firm of Elder Law Associates PA with offices throughout Southeast Florida.

The best approach would be to discuss with the agency your wish to visit the client and to ask for a specific, written release from the no contact clause of the contract.

Mother and father entered hospice care within a day of each other. She prepaid all funeral expenses and has a death insurance policy payable to father of ,000. Is that cash benefit owed to the nursing home for the father's hospice care?