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Here are typical kernel names and directory locations for the various operating systems we are considering: Once control passes to the kernel, it prepares itself to run the system by initializing its internal tables, creating the in-memory data structures at sizes appropriate to current system resources and kernel parameter values.

The kernel may also complete the hardware diagnostics that are part of the boot process, as well as installing loadable drivers for the various hardware devices present on the system.

These files are organized very differently under System V and BSD, but they accomplish the same purposes.

They are described in detail later in this chapter.

Once takes control of the booting process, it can place the system in single-user mode instead of completing all the initialization tasks required for multiuser mode.

Single-user mode is a system state designed for administrative and maintenance activities, which require complete and unshared control of the system.

In the same way, the boot program may be the second file on a bootable tape or in a designated location on a remote file server in the case of a network boot of a diskless workstation.

There is usually more than one bootable device on a system.

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It is traditionally stored in or linked to the root directory.

When these preparatory activities have been completed, the kernel creates another process that will run the Process 0, if it exists, is really part of the kernel itself.

Process 0 is often the scheduler (controls which processes execute at what time under BSD) or the swapper (moves process memory pages to and from swap space under System V).

The boot program is stored in a standard location on a bootable device.

For a normal boot from disk, for example, the boot program might be located in block 0 of the root disk or, less commonly, in a special partition on the root disk.