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Click here to find out more about FUNDSNet® and to participate. KYC verified Mutual Fund investors need to provide only a copy of the acknowledgement to the Mutual Fund where the investor desires to invest.

As a Direct Access enabled distributor, you can view and print Account Statements online, create Customer-IDs and One View Wrap Portfolio Statements for your investors across various folios in various products, enter transaction requests and carry out reconciliation online, and cross sell other Funds to your investors, instantly and without having to await an email response. If you are already registered, Click here to Login On an ad-hoc basis, you can request historical NAVs, account statements and transactions of your customers, AFE/Trailer Fees, transaction data and upfront commission data in the form of a data file that you can upload into your own database. There is no need to repeat the KYC for each mutual fund separately.

An integrated solution developed by CAMS and Karvy, Fin Net empowers Distributors and IFAs to cut across geographic barriers and access information relating to, and transact on the schemes of over 35 Mutual Funds through an Internet enabled user interface.

Every year in the United States, 3500 families suffer sleep-related infant losses.

When it comes to community management, knowing a little about a lot is actually a good thing.

The more trained and informed the condominium and community managers, volunteers and homeowners are on a variety of issues, the more well-managed communities will be, which makes for happier residents.

See, hear and know that your baby is breathing and sleeping easy,so you can have the ultimate peace of mind. Every year in the United States, 3500 families suffer sleep-related infant losses.

Our patented AI and Computer Vision technology was created by engineers from Apple and Tesla to bring you the most cutting edge baby monitor available.