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Johnson and Caroline Vaile Wright, Sara Perez, Dawn M. Available at: [64] All That Glitters is not Gold: The False Promise of Victim Impact Statements by Rakhi Ruparelia; Sexual Assualt in Canada: Law, Legal Practice and Women’s Activism, p.

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's arc is definitely more about "does this particular character need to open up or not? Riley: Which, instead of going to therapy, he deals with by dating hot men. You and I have talked about some of the things I was leery about regarding the game before, but for you, having played it through, what did you think?Gita: I think we both were apprehensive about this game for different reasons.Single fathers exist, and being a single father is not easy.

I was worried that the joke-y nature of the title meant that the game wouldn't be serious about the issues presented here.

In the other visual novels I've played, the main characters tend to be much more blank.

Even if they have a backstory, the choices presented in text are less about "what would this character choose" and more about "what would YOU choose." This goes as far as not allowing you to customise your character, but instead their character portrait has their hair going over their face and a shadow where all their features would be. Riley: As I said before, I don't play a lot of dating sims, but there was a lot of buzz about this game that convinced me to take a peek.

Gita: Well, I know that I really emotionally resonated with the dad stuff because I know I want to be a mum someday. Later in the game, you have to help her through a very teenage problem, and not only did it really remind me of the kinds of things I needed help from my parents with when I was younger, it made me really think about what kind of parent I would be.

It's funny to me that you say you're not into the dad stuff though -- around the office, we call you Dad.