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Sabina was reported dead soon afterwards, apparently during fighting in the city.

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While en-route to NAS Patuxent River, the X-32 made six refueling stops, as it was not certified for air-to-air refuelings. On 24 June, during the aircraft's 44th flight, O’Donoghue transitioned the X-32B from fully wingborne (conventional) to jetborne (STOVL) flight mode and then smoothly decelerated the X-32B to a steady hover at about 250 feet above the ground.

O'Donoghue then accelerated out of the hover and transitioned back to conventional flight before making a "slow landing." During four other flights the same day, the X-32B completed three additional hovers and numerous transitions to STOVL flight.

The aircraft took-off at 1547 EST, climbed to 30,000 feet and performed a series of supersonic dashes achieving a maximum speed of 1.05 Mach.

The following day, Hargreaves again engaged the Lift Fan propulsion system, and the plane rose straight up to a stabilized position at an altitude of about 25 ft, while Hargreaves checked to ensure the flight controls responded properly before returning the plane gently to the ground.

Several test cards were performed and the aircraft was ferried back to Palmdale for storage.

The flight lasted 3.7 hours, during which Morgenfeld went through six aerial refuelings.

During the flight, Knox put the X-32A through some initial airworthiness tests, including flying qualities and sub-systems checkout. The tests were successfully concluded on 2 December.

The first flight represented the X-32A's entry into a five-month flight-test program at Edwards Air Force Base that consisted of approximately 50 test flights totaling about 100 hours to validate the X-32’s flying qualities and performance for conventional and aircraft carrier operations. Boeing CV accomplishments included 97 approaches and 74 actual touchdowns, as well as numerous "wave-offs," throttle transients and integrated test blocks including roll response and speed stability during the FCLP tests.